Best Vaping Devices for Beginners

Millions of smokers quit smoking by switching to vaping. Most smokers fail in their attempt to quit smoking due to the nicotine craving, which is more robust and tempting than you could imagine.

Vaping is a less intrusive and viable option to tackle nicotine cravings, and that’s why people prefer vaping over many other nicotine intake methods. Salt nicotine juices offer ultimate satisfaction to ex-smokers who want to manage nicotine cravings.

However, most beginners struggle to find the best vaping device that suits their preferences and lifestyle. Below are some top-rated vaping devices for beginners received well by all.


Every single beginner users must try Vuse before trying any other e-cigarettes. Vuse e-cigs are the best option, especially when you buy your first vape. Here’s why we think Vuse is the best choice for a beginner vaper.

A sub-company of Reynolds American manufactures and market Vuse vaping devices and cartridges. It’s a veteran brand in the traditional cigarette market and got a handsome customer base in the vaping industry as well.

Vuse is reliable and easy to use, the e-cigs from Vuse are incredibly sturdy yet lightweight, and you don’t need to know about vaping to use these vaping devices. Beginner vapers might want a simple vaporizer that is less intricate and easy to use while on the move. Well, Vuse e-cigs give just that.

Ex-smokers would need a medium to harsh throat hit to get comfortable with vaping. Vuse E-cigs gives you a solid throat-hit that doesn’t irritate you even if you vape frequently. Also, it packs a 350Mah battery, which is a great deal for people who vape intermittently during their workday. (250 puffs per charge)

Nicotine strength: Up to 48mg/ml.

Our Rating: 9/10


STLTH is almost identical to Vuse vapes with minor differences in outlook and throat-hit. If you are looking for a stylish e-cig that produces decent clouds, STLTH should be your choice. It offers plenty of flavors and nicotine strength that can help you satisfy your cravings.

STLTH vape’s design is very identical to JUUL pods, and they provide the users with ultimate vaping sessions filled with nicotine and delicacy. STLTH boasts moderately harsh throat-hit, which is comfortable for ex-smokers.

STLTH vapes come with a 450MaH battery that can keep you powered for extended vaping sessions. They come with a pre-charged rechargeable battery and e-liquid cartridges with your favorite flavors. You get the USB charger included in the package.

Nicotine strength: Up to 50mg/ml

Our rating: 8.5/10


Disposable vapes are the ones that suit people who travel very often. You might not have the luxury of charging your vape pods when you are on a hectic travel schedule. Disposable vapes should be your choice in that case. Below are some disposable e-cigs worth trying.

Allo Vape

You got around 20 flavors to choose from, and you get 20mg/ml or 50mg/ml of nicotine. It powers up using a 280mah battery that can last for a couple of days of intermittent vaping.

Envi Vape

If you are looking for the most discreet disposable e-cig, then Envi E-cigs worth your consideration. Also, Envi vape allows you to choose a higher nicotine strength as well. 20mg/ml or 60mg/ml.

Ghost Vape

Ghost vape offers you standard and XL e-cigs with distinct battery power and e-juice capacity. Standards e-cigs come with a 280MaH battery and contain 1.3ml of e-juice. On the other hand, XL vapes come with 550MaH batteries and 3.2ml e-liquid. You choose 20 or 50mg/ml nicotine as per your need.

Dinner Lady Vape

This is a slim and sleek disposable vape pod suitable for people looking for satisfying vape sessions. You can choose from a wide range of flavors, and the 300MaH battery will keep you powered through your workday.

Nicotine strength: Variable/TBD

Our rating: 8.5/10

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